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Nube Technology Solutions is focused on bringing the benefits of  Cloud Computing to the small and medium size business.  Businesses of all sizes can protect their business by leveraging the Cloud as a Disaster Recovery site without the need to make any upfront capital investments. 

Having the ability to run your business from a secondary site in the event of a disaster (eg. operational failure, natural disaster, etc)  was cost prohibitive for the small business owner.  Only large enterprises could afford this - not any more!

For more information on how to get started with an initial assessment of  your environment, please write or call.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Protecting Your Business

With cloud, you can protect your business by using the cloud as your Disaster Recovery Site.  What does this mean?  Simply stated, DR was cost prohibitive to most small to mid-size businesses; business owners accepted the risks.  The cloud consumption model of Pay-As-You-Go has brought opportunity to SMB owners to protect their life's work.

Backup To The Cloud

As a first step in leveraging Cloud services, we can backup the computers in your office directly to the Cloud.   With this offering, you'll have a backup of your environment off-prem.

If security is a concern, be aware that all transmissions are encrypted from your office to the Cloud.  Once your data arrives, it's also encrypted at rest.  

Infrastructure As A Service


IaaS is one of Cloud's deployment models (The other two are PaaS & SaaS). Think of IaaS as phase I to Cloud computing where you can run your entire business in the Cloud.  Use Cloud virtualized computers, networking, storage, geo-distributed data centers, and much more.   These are capabilities that are leveraged by large enterprises to keep their businesses running no matter what happens.


For an assessment of your environment, please contact us.